1. thethingsiloveabout1d:

    And the cutest idiot award goes to…. 

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  2. dandelions-and-bread:

    Josh Hutcherson ft. his ‘serious side’ and pout

    I find this super sexy.

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  3. yum-one-direction:

    please tell me, im not the only one who cried when Niall began to sing.

  4. 100 pictures of Josh Hutcherson (31/100)

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  5. yum-one-direction:

    oh god, this is perfect!! >.<

    even when he falls, he is flawless .__________.

  6. l-u-ke:

    Im Luke, my girlfriend Kate was just diagnosed with cancer and lost all her hair. So for her, I shaved my head as well.

    I love this girl, please keep her in your prayers <3

    Please reblog to show her that people out there care.

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